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Ateneo is a place to see, hear and experience a wide variety of cultural activities from a talk on a particular topic, to poetry readings, musical recitals or discussions of books or exhibitions of art.

Created in 1820 the first Ateneo de Madrid brought together all the liberal philosophers, writers and politicians of the day.

The Ateneo became the centre of intellectual life. The writers of the Generation of ’98, such as Unamuno, Machado, Pio Baroja, Azorín, all the Spanish Nobel prize winners – Ramón y Cajal, Jacinto Benavente, Juan Ramón Jimenez, Severo Ochoa, Vicente Aleixandre and Camilo José Cela – were members of the Ateneo. The musicians Manuel de Falla and Andres Segovia performed here and the actress Sarah Bernhardt was fêted here. Luis Buñuel was a member and Cartier Bresson’s photographs were shown here. In 1895 the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán became the first woman to be admitted as a member.

Ateneo de Madrid. English version guide

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